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The Unreached

      In the previous blog post, I shared some of my testimony. Our testimonies simply put are personal stories of how God has ransomed us to himself through the cross of Christ. From how we went from being spiritually dead to spiritually alive in Christ. It’s the most powerful weapon that we possess. In my testimony, I mentioned that even before my salvation, most of the people I knew identified as Christians and I even went to a church. Many Christians from the United States can relate to having easy access to the gospel virtually anywhere we go. We are very privileged to be considered a reached people group. What if I told you that there were many places in the world today that are considered unreached? You may not even know what unreached means, but you will know the meaning by the end of this and much more.           People who are considered to be unreached are people who do not have access to a bible, a church, or someone who identifies themselves as a Christian. This is a top

The First Go Around

 Hello,     My name is Hunter Clark. I am  unbelievably excited and humbled by the opportunity that the Lord has provided through this platform. My vision for R.I.R. is to unite like-minded, mission-driven, and somewhat spontaneous followers of Christ to become a global force for the kingdom of God. Our goal is to see the commands of Christ in Matthew 28:16-20 come to fruition.      For me, this is something that I feel the Lord has called me to. Not  necessarily a blog, but much more than that. I hope to see this platform go far beyond what I have in mind. I would eventually love to see Ransomed in Red be able to play a part in training up Christians and sending them out into the world. There is nothing that I would love to see more than R.I.R. helping people who have a heart for the nations understand that calling better and how to execute on that. This is something that I'm passionate about because I feel that I have been called to the nations as well. Therefore, I will better s